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Dez Bryant: Playing for Giants would be 'crazy'

*"Revenge should have no bounds." -- Claudius, Hamlet. *

The Baltimore Ravens might be the early frontrunners for Dez Bryant's services, but if the former Pro Bowl receiver had his way, he'd stay in the NFC East. Landing with any of the three Dallas Cowboys rivals would allow Bryant a chance to face his former team twice a year.

Oh, sweet revenge, how oft does your toxic fragrance seduce the senses?

One NFC East team specifically appears to be Bryant's preferred destination: the New York Giants.

The former Cowboys receiver spoke with Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas about potential landing spots and was most intrigued by joining Big Blue.

"The Giants,'' Bryant said, "got a helluva defense, they're going to pay OBJ [Odell Beckham Jr.], so coming back. Playing with him, Sterling [Shepard] ... the tight end [Evan Engram], [QB Eli] Manning? Crazy. ... They draft [Penn State running back Saquon Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick]? That'd be crazy!''

It's not the only time Bryant has suggested the Giants should be his next team:

Bryant's preference might not line up with New York's. While Bryant could slide into the Brandon Marshall role alongside OBJ and Shepard, new general manager Dave Gettleman seems to be a man who would prefer to avoid the drama that comes along with Dez. The Giants also might not want to pay Bryant's asking price. Would Bryant take less money so he could face the Cowboys twice a year?

Bryant ran down a list with Fisher of what he thought of other teams -- including dismissing a Green Bay connection as "too much history" and how playing in L.A. could be "fun."

Bryant might have pegged the Giants as his No. 1 choice. He also might need to settle for a backup plan.

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