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Dez Bryant: 'I think it was a catch. They took it away'

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Dez Bryant is wandering around the Cowboys locker room, trying to wrap his head around the most crushing loss of his five-year NFL career. Officials had overturned his fourth-down 31-yard reception late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's divisional showdown against the Packers, a decision that helped seal Dallas' fate in a 26-21 loss.

"You extend, you bring it in, you reach for the goal line," Bryant is heard muttering to himself as he paces the room.

Yeah, it was that type of loss. The one that sticks to the ribs of an organization forever. Bryant seemed stunned that the biggest catch of his career had been wiped away by the language of the NFL rulebook. His answers during a brief meeting with reporters reflected his disbelief.

Was there a thought in your mind that it would be overturned?

"Not even a thought. ... We had an opportunity to take the lead."

Do you feel like the referees took it away from you?

"C'mon man. I think it was a catch. They took it away."

Do you know what a football move is?

"All I know is I had possession on the ball coming down. That's possession, right?"

Were you trying to stretch for the goal line?

"You seen my hand? I tried to stretch for it. C'mon now. I wasn't off balance. I'm trying to stretch for (the touchdown). Trying to get in the end zone."

Do you feel like the better team won today?


How much will you think of that play in the offseason?

"I'll let it go. The only thing that will bother me the most if I hear during the week that it was a catch. I think that will bother me more than anything."

Have you had any time to think about the future (Bryant is due to be a free agent this offseason)?

"C'mon man. I can't believe you asked me that."

Hey, the question had to be asked by somebody. Bryant isn't going anywhere, of course, but neither will the sting of this loss.

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