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Dez Bryant doesn't foresee another Cowboys collapse

Do you trust the Dallas Cowboys right now? It's understandable if you don't.

If we've learned one thing about this team in recent seasons, it's that they'll turn Jerrah World into a house of horrors come December. In 2011, they entered the final month of the season at 7-4 and finished 8-8. Last season, they entered the month at 7-5 and finished, yep, 8-8.

Dallas opens this December at 8-4, one game behind the Eagles in the NFC East. Dez Bryant has been around for a few of these holiday season collapses, but he's convinced history won't repeat itself.

"But I can say the feeling is a lot different," Bryant said, according to "This is the beginning for us. The beginning of December for us. So we'll see. We're excited about the work that we've put in, and we can only go from there."

Yes, but what about this Cowboys team is different from the ones that failed before?

"Our approach," Bryant said. "Everybody wants to get better. Just by the little things. Not making the cold weather a big issue. Just go out there and understand what's important. That's the opportunity that we have to go out and get into the playoffs."

OK, so Bryant's opinion seems to be born more out of hope than anything else. (What was that cold weather comment about?) In truth, we'll probably learn what we need to know on Thursday, when the Cowboys take on an inferior Bears team at Soldier Field, shown exclusively on NFL Network.

If the Cowboys don't positively respond from their Thanksgiving beatdown, you can confidently hit the well-worn panic button in Big D.

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