Deshaun Watson might wear visor to protect eye

Deshaun Watson continues to deal with the aftermath of getting kicked in the face last weekend, but the Houston Texans quarterback says he's fine to play Sunday in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Watson, who said his eyesight is "perfect," might consider wearing a visor in Sunday's game.

"It doesn't bother me," he said when asked if he'd be comfortable wearing the visor. "I can take it off. We don't want anything, depending on how the eye as far as just the redness and stuff. It's really just between me and the doctors and how we feel and what's best to not get an infection or anything."

Watson added that he wore a visor "a little bit in college" and during the offseason of his rookie campaign.

The signal-caller suffered the eye injury in the Week 8 win over the Oakland Raiders. As he spun out of a sack, Watson was kicked in the eye, yet still managed to throw the game-winning touchdown pass.

Watson said Friday he's fine physically other than a little bit of swelling.

"I've felt fine. I've been feeling like my normal self," he said. "It's just red right now, still a little swollen. I have my eye vision and everything. Took a vision test, and everything was great. So, there wasn't a problem."

Now, on to more important things:

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