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DeSean on Fitzpatrick: 'You can't take the hot man out'

Despite his choice of postgame attire, Ryan Fitzpatrick is more NBA Jam than Grand Theft Auto Vice City right now.

At least that's what DeSean Jackson indicated on NFL Total Access on Monday when he said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to stay with Fitzpatrick as their starting quarterback if he's still playing on fire when Jameis Winston returns from suspension.

"He's been on fire right now," Jackson told NFL Network's Scott Hanson and Willie McGinest on Monday. "With the way the team is rallying behind him and just playing lights-out football, you have to kind of honor it. You can't take the hot man out. You got the hot fire right now. It's like NBA Jam. We used to play NBA Jam -- whoever's got that hot fire shot, you got to keep shooting, man.

"It's not my decision but I'm sure [coach] Dirk [Koetter] and [offensive coordinator Todd] Monken and the guys that make those calls, they'll make sure they stay on fire until that fire is out."

It's hard to argue with Jackson's sentiment. Fitzpatrick has thrown more than 400 yards in consecutive games and currently leads the league in yards passing (819) and passer rating among starting quarterbacks (151.5), and ranks second in touchdown passes (eight) and third in completion percentage (78.7). Jackson has played a big role in the blazing Bucs offense, recording consecutive 100-yard receiving games.

Koetter might not want to talk about it, but it'd be difficult to imagine the Bucs giving Winston the ball if Fitzpatrick put on another outstanding offensive performance in Week 3 against the Pittsburgh Steelers next week.

Until Fitzmagic's boomshakalaka hot streak runs out of razzle dazzle from downtown, the Buccaneers probably should keep going with Fitzpatrick as their starter.

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