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Derrick Henry's combine comparison is Von Miller

It's NFL Scouting Combine time on NFL Network!

With the annual combine comes some bizarre, but entertaining comparisons.

After Derrick Henry's impressive work out, THE Network flashed a graphic showing the stud running back's closest NFL comparison by combine work out. Not Eddie Lacy, Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, etc.

Nope. The closest comparison was Super Bowl MVP pass rusher Von Miller.

A further breakdown shows how eerily similar the two measured during their combine workouts.

Here is the part where you might ask: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?

Nothing. It means nothing.

It certainly is entertaining to think about how tackling Henry is like trying to bring down a linebacker. And we all know Miller's speed off the edge. Both are physical freaks.

In the end, comparisons like Henry/Miller aren't to be dissected to find a deeper meaning. It's silly, but fun. Let's leave it there.

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