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Derek Carr is on target in beach football cameo

Yes, it's the offseason -- a time when players are free to get away from football if they so choose.

We imagine that's what Raiders quarterback Derek Carr was thinking when he changed into his board shorts and headed out for a beach day in sunny Santa Cruz, Calif., last week. When a fan spotted Carr on the sands and asked if he could throw him a pass, Carr obliged.

Who's under more pressure in this spot? The random guy -- undoubtedly in front of a group of friends -- who gets one shot at catching a pass from an NFL quarterback? Or is it Carr, who leaves himself open to social media shame and one million Raiders jokes if he airmails the throw? Either way, both men delivered on a solid post route.

A further study of Carr's Instagram feed revealed more instances of everyman athletic excellence ...

AnybodyCanGetIt #DontPlayToTheLevelOfYourCompetition #SheReallyThoughtSheCouldBlockMe #WheresMyTryout #iLoveHer4PuttingUpWithMe #MyWifeIsntDunkingOnMe #BALLisLife

Look at those hashtags! Derek Carr seems cool.

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