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DeMarco Murray '100 percent' wants to be an Eagle

Despite the negativity flying around Eagles' DeMarco Murray this week, the running back insisted Thursday he wants to remain in Philadelphia.

"100 percent. Yes," he said when asked if he wanted to be an Eagle in 2016, per NFL Media's Albert Breer.

Murray acknowledged the conversation between Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, which ESPN reported took place on the plane ride after the win over the New England Patriots, but said "that's a conversation between Jeff and myself." Murray brushed aside that there was anything to the conversation, saying he often sits next to the owner: "I can't speak to my boss?"

The 27-year-old back, who inked a five-year, $40 million deal with Philadelphia in March, said he did not regret signing with Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

"Not at all. I'm committed to Chip and Jeff and the guys in this locker room," he said.

Murray played just 14 snaps during Sunday's victory. Both Darren Sproles and Kenjon Barner outplayed Murray. The quicker backs were able to get to the edge more frequently, ignited a stagnant offense in Foxborough. Murray lacks lateral quickness to get to the edge, which has been responsible for his struggles in Kelly's offense.

Over the course of the week, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur dismissed Sunday's snap count as a one-game aberration, while Kelly combatted the notion that Murray is unhappy with the offense.

Murray had no comment on his role in the offense when asked Thursday.

The running back's snap count will be interesting to watch Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. During the week Chip can dismiss the talk of benching Murray and the player can say he loves being on the team paying him to be there.

The truth will inevitably reveal itself on the field Sunday afternoon.

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