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Deion Branch believes Belichick will coach after Brady

PHOENIX -- Plenty have wondered if Patriots coach Bill Belichick will ultimately exit New England when his star passer, Tom Brady, hangs up the cleats.

One of his former players, though, doesn't see that happening.

"Everybody wants to say, 'Hey, man, he's going to coach until Brady leaves,'" former NFL wideout Deion Branch told Around the NFL. "I think he's bigger than that, because Belichick loves the game of football."

Branch spent seven seasons in New England and believes his old coach would want to prove he can win with another quarterback.

"I understand the love for Tom Brady, but at the same time, I think it's also about going out and showing that you can develop a young Drew Bledsoe, you can do it with a Tom Brady," Branch said. "It's about accepting the next challenging. I think that's Bill."

Here on behalf of TGI Friday's "Happy Every Hour" event, Branch told us that the presence of rookie Jimmy Garoppolo might be enough to keep Belichick around deep into the future.

"I think that's another challenge in front of coach Belichick," Branch said. "I think he'd love to go out and conquer."

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