Decker: Tim Tebow can create his own role with Eagles

Eric Decker won't count out Tim Tebow in the quarterback's quest to jump start his NFL career.

Decker, who played with the QB in Denver at the height of Tebowmania, calls Tebow a "unique" player who could thrive near the goal line if given the opportunity with the Eagles, who signed the former Heisman winner this offseason. Tebow's nose for the end zone can make him particularly valuable now that the NFL owners decided to keep the two-point conversions at the 2-yard line and extend the extra point to the 15.

The Eagles, perhaps not coincidentally, are one of the teams that proposed a change to the rule.

"Chip's been doing a lot of stuff this year, so I think anything's possible," Decker told the New York Daily News. "Really, (Tebow) can create his own role. I know he wants to be head quarterback, but he can create a role for himself that can help a team in many ways (whether it's) the two-point conversion if it's moved up or a goal-line package. He has the athletic ability to be a personal punt protector ... and can play other positions. They'll figure out a way to utilize him if it's going to help them be a better football team."

Tebow dreams of another chance as a starting quarterback, but he's buried on a depth chart that includes Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley. He could bring tangible value to the team, however, if Kelly starts thinking outside the box after touchdowns.

"After the Patriots cut him, I didn't know (if he'd get another chance in the NFL)," Decker admitted about Tebow. "The NFL is a league that has a lot of drop-back passers. That's what you see. Honestly there's other quarterbacks that can run it well -- (Colin) Kaepernick, Russell Wilson -- but ultimately they can throw the ball in the pocket. I know (Tebow) can throw the ball, but his skill-set is -- let's call it unique. It's different."

Tebow remains a longshot to catch on with Eagles, but the quarterback does have a chance.

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