DeAndre Hopkins on O'Brien: There was no relationship

The trade that sent DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona stunned the football world, but not the receiver.

In a story written by Sports Illustrated's Greg Bishop, Hopkins said he even had a hunch he'd be shipped to Arizona by Texans coach and general manager Bill O'Brien. It was a quote within the story, though, that was most telling about the break-up.

"There was no relationship," Hopkins said of that between he and his coach. "Make sure you put that in there. There's not a lot to speak about."

In explaining the trade, O'Brien has said Hopkins wanted a raise and it was no longer financially feasible for the Texans. With big-money contracts ahead for Deshaun Watson and Laremy Tunsil, O'Brien's claim isn't far-fetched.

Until this SI story, Hopkins' side of the trade wasn't entirely told. The receiver didn't say all that much, but what he did say spoke volumes about the basis of the trade, which appears to have come as a result of a lack of a legitimate relationship, as Hopkins described. It really was just business more than anything.

As for Watson, he'll have to carry on without his All-Pro target. Hopkins isn't worried for his friend.

"Deshaun is going to be amazing without me," he said.

Houston can only hope.

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