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Darren Sproles jukes defenders in Pop Warner

NFL teams send out Happy Birthday messages on social media all the time. Normally we wouldn't have reason to pass those notes on to you, our devoted reader.

Then the Philadelphia Eagles went and did something we NEEDED to share.

Highlights of a Pop Warner Darren Sproles, as he turns 34 today:

Frist off, I could watch that on loop all day and not get bored. The all-time jitterbug when he was almost a literal jitterbug.

Second, shout out to whoever shot what is still somehow good footage, even though it was probably taped with one of those a bulky VHS cameras -- look'em up, kids.

Third, to all you killjoy cynics muttering, 'this isn't news' or yelling at your screen, 'ALL NFL PLAYERS HIGHLIGHTS FROM POP WARNER WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS': A) It's June 20th, the strike zone for posts owns a wider berth during the down time. And B) So? I would watch all those highlights too if someone shared them.

So, Happy Birthday, Darren. Here is to a few more years of juking defenders out of their pads, just like back in your Pop Warner days.

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