Darren McFadden still has No. 4 pick skills, Jerry says

On a recent edition of the Around The NFL Podcast, we debated whether Darren McFadden qualifies as one of free agency's biggest winners after landing with the Dallas Cowboys.

Overly reliant on scheme and blocking to open holes, McFadden could surprise with a bounce-back season behind Dallas' dominant offensive line.

Although the Cowboys figure to bolster their backfield in next month's draft, owner Jerry Jones isn't hiding his belief that McFadden can play a big role in replacing the production of 2014 Offensive Player of the Year DeMarco Murray.

"The kinds of skills that got (McFadden) drafted with the fourth pick in the draft," Jones told PFT Live, "he still has."

Jones also offered insight into a philosophy that devalued Murray to the point that the Cowboys' brass reached the conclusion nearly two years ago that the former Oklahoma star was not a franchise running back.

"You worry about injury (with McFadden), but we were worried about injury with Murray," Jones explained. "In eight seasons, four in Oklahoma and four with the Cowboys, Murray only had two injury-free seasons.

"And so the position is one you have to take into consideration no matter what the skill level is, they take a lot of hits, lot of punishment, and you got a good chance to have an injury issue. And that's why we couldn't make that kind of commitment of dollars to that position."

Does that sound like an owner prepared to make the financial investment required to pull off a trade for Adrian Peterson?

The Cowboys are riding with McFadden in 2015.

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