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Darren McFadden feels Cowboys might want him back

Darren McFadden heads into free agency next month after missing most of the 2016 season.

The running back told SiriusXM NFL Radio recently he believes the Dallas Cowboys might want to bring him back.

"I kinda get the feel that they wouldn't mind keeping me," McFadden said, via The Dallas Morning News. "I was raised in Arkansas. I live here now. Set up my home here in Texas. I'm a Cowboys fan regardless of whether they decide to bring me back or not."

If McFadden were to return to Dallas it likely would be on a short, low-level deal as insurance for Ezekiel Elliott. Zeke is a three-down workhorse back, so remaining in Dallas wouldn't give McFadden many opportunities on the field. The Cowboys currently have Alfred Morris backing up Elliott.

The 29-year-old McFadden appeared in just three regular-season games and one postseason tilt after undergoing offseason elbow surgery. The veteran injured himself trying to save his cellphone from dropping.

Entering his 10th season, McFadden believes having just 24 rushing attempts in 2016 means he's fresh. In 2015, he toted 239 times for 1,089 yards.

"For me, I still feel fresh," he said. "Like you said I didn't get a lot of wear and tear on my body from the season. I only played in the last three regular season games and the playoff game. I feel like I have a lot that I can offer any team as far as being out there and a guy that can carry the load. I don't feel like I've lost a step at all. I feel like that any team that wants to take a shot at me I don't think it'd be a bad deal for 'em."

McFadden's free agency will be interesting. The veteran has some juice left in the tank and can be an asset on both running and passing downs. However, with a very deep draft for running backs, teams might opt to wait to fill out their backfield with cheap mid-round options with more upside.

If McFadden surveys the open market and decides there are no opportunities worth gambling on, perhaps caddying for Zeke on a minimum deal will look like the best option.

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