Daniel Fells' prognosis turns optimistic, long road still ahead

After nearly three weeks in the hospital battling an aggressive MRSA infection, the prognosis has finally turned optimistic for Giants tight end Daniel Fells.

He's undergone seven surgeries, thus far, on his foot that has been ravaged by the antibiotic resistant Staph infection, and more are scheduled. But sources informed of his condition say his scans and cultures have come back "looking good" and there is a real chance he's released from the hospital this week.

In addition, doctors now believe they will be able to save Fells' foot. Amputation had been a serious concern throughout the process.

The Giants play the Eagles tonight, but Fells was placed on season-ending injured reserve several weeks ago. Toe and ankle injuries necessitated a cortisone shot and by Oct. 2, Fells was in the emergency room with a high fever and infection. The Giants educated their players on the situation, visited Fells, and scrubbed their facilities.

At one point, there were the gravest of concerns for Fells, whose infection crept into his lungs. But finally the doctors got it under control, the foot looks clean, and the infection has not returned.

At least two more surgeries are scheduled, mostly to ensure that the infected area is clean, properly medicated, and washed out. The infected bone has been removed, and antibiotics are treating his lungs.

When he is allowed home (Fells is not contagious), he'll have a nurse and physical therapist for several months.

Fells has a long road ahead, and rehabbing will be his focus now that he's unlikely to return to the field with his foot forever damaged. As one source close to him said, "He's been through so much."

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