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Dan Quinn: Herschel Walker not playing for Falcons

New Falcons coach Dan Quinn discovered this week just how revered Herschel Walker is in Georgia.

After Walker recently made his semi-annual declaration that he could still play in the NFL, Quinn quipped to a group of Atlanta businessmen, "Yeah, we'd have room for him."

When the Atlanta Journal Constitution printed Quinn's full quotes on the subject, their jocular nature was lost in translation.

Quinn clarified his remarks on Friday.

"Look, what I said about Herschel being one of my all-time favorite players is true," Quinn explained, via, "but nobody should take seriously what I said about having room on the team for him.

"I love him, yes, but some of that was in jest. I love the running backs we have on our roster. We had a great offseason, and I'm excited about going into training camp with that group."

Walker, now 53, is one of the most fascinating athletes in American sports history.

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