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Dan Quinn: Dontari Poe could 'come alive' with Falcons

The Falcons have one of the five best running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers in football. But hey, it's time to get excited about the possibility that they'll give the ball to defensive tackle Dontari Poe.

Poe, if you'll remember, was used to chuck a touchdown pass against a beaten-down Broncos team deep in the fourth quarter last year when he played for the Chiefs. He was also an occasional goal-line fullback.

"In fact, there was some people (on staff) that said, 'All right, we've got somebody on the goal line here,'" head coach Dan Quinn told reporters Wednesday, via "You may see that package come alive. He does have good hands.

"I knew he had good hands. We played overtime the other day. We had a tie at the end. We weren't going to allow that one. So I had him and [Ryan] Schraeder catch punts. I didn't know how that would go. They both caught it easily. ... Poe, hands-wise, he's got good hands."

This was a neat idea by Andy Reid, especially during power situations. That being said, it's hard to imagine Quinn wanting one of his defensive secret weapons worrying about anything except upgrading his front seven and blowing up plays in the backfield. The Falcons surprised enough teams last year by simply utilizing the myriad weapons on their roster.

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