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Dallas Goedert thought he'd 'have a deal done' with Eagles by start of season

Zach Ertz is happy again in Philadelphia. The Eagles might need to overachieve to keep his running mate content.

Dallas Goedert is entering a contract year in 2021, his fourth and final season of his rookie deal after being drafted in the second round in 2018. He's due for a renewal and a pay raise, one that seemed inevitable when things weren't looking so good for Ertz and Philadelphia. But now that that's mended for at least 2021, Goedert has become the one pondering an uncertain future.

"My representation, we talked about it earlier. We thought we'd have a deal done by this time of the year," Goedert said Monday. "But the team decided to go a different way. We haven't got that done yet.

"I'm not too worried about it. I believe in what I can do, I believe in me being able to go out and perform and whatever happens happens. But I'm not too worried about my contract right now. I just want to focus on winning games, winning the division and ultimately winning the Super Bowl."

Winning cures everything, but the Eagles could go 20-0, secure their second Lombardi Trophy, and they'd still have a decision to make regarding the tight end position. Ertz is also in the final year of his five-year, $42.5 million extension signed back in early 2016. He's going to account for a cap number of $1.77 million for each of the next two years due to the void years included in his existing extension. And he's not getting any younger.

Goedert, meanwhile, is entering his prime, and because we've only seen glimpses of what he might look like as an unquestioned No. 1 tight end, it's tough to project the type of salary he can command. He is, however, similar to Ertz in many ways, making a transition from having both to a new era with Goedert as the main guy a logical and feasibly seamless one.

That just won't happen in 2021 -- even if we've been anticipating a split between Ertz and the Eagles for nearly two years.

Although it complicates his financial matters, Goedert sounds pleased with this reality.

"Honestly, I feel like it gives more problems to the defense than it does to myself. All I've ever really known is playing with Zach," Goedert explained. "To have two of the top tight ends in the league I think is beneficial for both of us. I think we'll both be utilized. I'm just excited to play with him for another year."

Another year very well could be his last, unless the Eagles can find a way to give Goedert a raise and at least start the succession process while also keeping Ertz around in the city in which he wants to retire at a lower rate.

Football players are largely wired with a win-now mentality, especially in the fickle NFL, a league that very much relies on what a player has done most recently. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to hear Goedert talking about being happy to play with Ertz in 2021. It's the only season on his mind, at least right now.

Come winter, that very well could change -- and more changes are likely to follow.

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