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Dallas Cowboys unconvincing in OT win over Browns

We posted earlier Sunday about the Dallas Cowboys sitting in perfect position to make a playoff run with five home dates over their final seven games.

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Sounds nice on paper, but the Cowboys didn't resemble a playoff heavy in Sunday's 23-20 overtime win over the Cleveland Browns.

The Cowboys took consecutive games for the first time all season, but the victory produced more questions than answers for a Jason Garrett-led team that continues to make inconsistency the badge it wears brightly.

The Cowboys struggled early, haunted by breakdowns on an offensive line that still generates too many maddening penalties and allowed a season-worst seven sacks against the Browns. That contributed to the 13-0 hole Dallas found itself in at halftime. Their 68 yards over the first two quarters marked the Cowboys' worst first-half output in five seasons.

Someone here in the newsroom -- their feet up on the desk -- just voiced this casually to a coworker: "Boy, Tony Romo sucks, doesn't he?"

Blaming Romo doesn't cut it in Dallas. The Cowboys climbed back into this potential disaster on Romo's arm. There were sacks in this game that came down to Romo's inability to make quick decisions, but not many of them. More than a few should be blamed on his wideouts; others on poor communication along the line -- and let's not forget about a Browns defense that never gave up minus its best player, cornerback Joe Haden.

Dallas won't face two-win teams forever. Either the Browns aren't what their 2-8 record says they are, or the 5-5 Cowboys aren't to be taken very seriously in the NFC East.

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