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Cutler sees Martz'ist elements in new Bears' offense

The annual offseason discussion about how Jay Cutler will improve this year took on an interesting label over the weekend.

As Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase talked offensive philosophies with his new quarterback -- Cutler has ran through four OCs already during his stint in Chicago alone -- the sides found a commonality in a former play caller.

"He's worked with a couple different guys; the good thing is, he's heard a few things that I say," Gase said last weekend, per CSN Chicago. "He'll look at me and kind of, 'That's a little Martz'ist right there'."

"Martz'ist," of course, refers to former Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz. It's an odd comparison considering the overwhelming recollection when pondering Cutler's two-year stint under Martz from 2010-2011 is the quarterback being sacked on seemingly every drop back -- there was also the infamous time Cutler was caught saying "Tell Mike I said (expletive) you" after a play call was relayed.

The Martz reference likely wasn't about Gase implementing a plethora of no-help, seven-step drop, all-vertical plays. Rather it was a call back to the strict limitations that offense put on the quarterback, taking some of the decision-making out of the process. Since decision-making has been one of Cutler's biggest weaknesses, that could be a good thing.

Still, having some offensive commonalities that Cutler can relate to and actually -- finally -- improving the signal-caller are far from congruent. We'll need to see Cutler in Gase's full offense before believing any narratives about the quarterback turning that corner he's been stuck on for more than half a decade.

"I think this is his 10th year. I mean, a lot of ups and downs," Gase said of Cutler. "I think he's ready for a fresh start."

Cutler's had many fresh starts. None have lasted. Gase will likely be his last chance to make one stick in Chicago.

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