Curry: Undefeated Warriors will lose before Panthers

If you're an NBA fan, you are no doubt aware that the 20-0 Golden State Warriors are the biggest story in the sport right now.

You also know that Steph Curry is the team's biggest star and reigning league MVP. If you're a real student of the game, you know Curry is the son of former Hornets guard Dell Curry and grew up in Charlotte as a huge Carolina Panthers fan.

Following a shootaround ahead of a Wednesday's 116-99 win over the Charlotte Hornets, Curry told reporters he believed the Warriors would lose their first game before the 11-0 Panthers do. He hopes neither team stumbles before February.

"So that means the Panthers get their Super Bowl win," Curry said, per

Curry is a legit fan. He attended Carolina's playoff game in Seattle last season and said he expects friend Cam Newton to be in attendance for Wednesday's game against the Hornets. Curry isn't surprised the Panthers have been perfect this season.

"Obviously, being 11-0 is amazing," Curry said. "But they've shown signs over the last two or three years that they're elevating to that next level, so it's just great to see everything click, the way Coach Rivera is handling that team and the decisions they've got to make on both sides of the ball.

"They're playing at a very high level. It's just kind of fun to see the world and everybody outside the Charlotte area be surprised by what they're doing."

There has been plenty of discussion about what kind of NFL player LeBron James would have been (I still see LBJ as a hyper-athletic, stretch-the-field tight end), but it's hard to imagine the lanky Curry finding a niche on the gridiron. Perhaps an evolutionary Fran Tarkenton? There are NFL teams that would be intrigued.

And now, approximately 28 minutes of highlights from Curry's MVP season:

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