Our final post on LeBron James' unending NFL flirtation


Yes, we saw what LeBron James had to say during his Twitter chat with fans Friday night.

"I wanna play one NFL game before it's over," the Miami Heat star replied when asked if he'd ever consider playing pro football.

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We have no idea what that means, or really, if King James even typed out that sentence himself. There's a 68 percent chance a lavishly paid "social media coordinator" handled those duties while LeBron did whatever LeBron does on Friday nights.

We've discussed this before. Yes, James has the physical tools to thrive in the NFL. He's tall, swole (as the kids say) and in possession of super-human athletic ability. He had a football background at prep school as well, which (we suppose) helps.

Could he sign with an NFL team and post a 70/1,200/8 slash line over 16 games? Give him a full offseason program, training camp and a good QB and we don't doubt it.

But let's put a pin in all this talk until we see some legitimate movement. Michael Jordan, now that was a man of action. He was an abysmal baseball player, no doubt, but Air Jordan had the stones to follow through on his aspirations.

We're not questioning LeBron's character. We're just saying we don't buy it. So let's call a moratorium on LeBron content on NFL.com. We promise to pick up coverage in time for "The Decision II," live from Jerrah World.

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