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Culpepper's deal will ultimately depend on him

If quarterback Daunte Culpepper is as successful throwing passes as he is negotiating deals, the Raiders are going to be happy they signed him.

Acting as his own agent, Culpepper negotiated a one-year deal Tuesday night with the Raiders that could be worth as little as $750,000 or as much as $5.5 million, which just happens to be the salary that Miami had been scheduled to pay him this season.

Culpepper's contract calls for him to make $750,000 in guaranteed money. If he's on the Raiders roster the first game of the season, he'll make $2.6 million and that will increase to $3.2 million after six games.

Culpepper also has up to $500,000 in play-time incentives and another $1.65 in hard-to-earn performance and play-time incentives.

If Culpepper has a Pro-Bowl caliber year and the Raiders win the Super Bowl, the quarterback would make $5.5 million. In the event the Raiders do not win the Super Bowl but Culpepper still plays well, he could make up to $4 million this season.

But if Culpepper shows strong this year -- and he's expecting he will -- then the real riches really await. Culpepper is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after this season.

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