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Cowboys' Ware says defense needs to eliminate big plays

For a coach who has seen his team blow double-digit leads in each of the past two games, Jason Garrett sure is getting a whole lot of love these days.

On Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones unequivocally voiced his support for his rookie head coach, telling a local radio station that the question of Garrett's job status is not "worth responding to."

Cowboys All-Pro linebacker DeMarcus Ware then took Jones' comments one step further on Wednesday.

"I would say (Garrett is) the best head coach in the league because he's my head coach and he's the Cowboys' head coach," Ware told the Dallas Morning News. "The guys feel even more strongly about him now because he's sticking with us and we're sticking with him. We're still motivating each other to get out there and play our hearts out. When coaches still drive players to play hard that's what you really want."

The best way for the Cowboys to ensure Garrett remains in Big D for 2012 and beyond, however, is to make sure performances like the ones the past two weeks against the Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants don't happen again.

And while Dallas gave up a season-high 37 points Sunday night, Ware said the Cowboys don't need to make any drastic changes defensively.

"We should keep playing like we're playing, but we can't give up the big plays that we've been giving up," Ware said told the Morning News. "It's not like we're out there playing with no heart or teams are just beating us really bad. It's the small mistakes that we're making. If we eliminate those things we'll be right where we need to be."

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