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Could J.J. Watt play on offense in the Pro Bowl?

PHOENIX -- J.J. Watt might be the biggest rock star at the 2015 Pro Bowl.

The Houston Texans' defensive lineman is fawned on where he travels in Phoenix, with fans at practices shouting his name and clamoring for autographs from the MVP candidate.

Come Sunday, Watt might be all over the field.

During Friday's practice at Scottsdale Community College, the defensive stalwart was brushing up on his receiving skills.

Video proof:

That pass, by the way, was from Bills defensive lineman Kyle Williams -- pretty nice ball from the big man.

"He said he's still trying to work on the coach ..." Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell said Saturday. "I mean you don't have to prepare it, just throw him in there. I didn't realize what kind of hands this guy has."

Coach John Harbaugh said Watt could have a package in the offense.

"That might be something we could have up our sleeves, absolutely," the Ravens' coach said. "We got a couple ideas. You got a lot of guys with skills out here."

Harbaugh suggested that Watt might not be the only one to play out of his normal position Sunday.

"(Justin) Houston said he wants to play tight end as well. I said 'could you block for us?' he said 'absolutely not,' " Harbaugh said laughing.

When asked by Around The NFL, Houston said he doubts he'll get any reps at tight end, but loved the idea if the opportunity arises.

"(Harbaugh) said the other day, 'during the Pro Bowl we are going to do everything we think about during the regular season that we can't do.' So I asked him if I could play tight end," the Chiefs' linebacker said.

Harbaugh's view that the Pro Bowl should be about trying new things and letting the best players on the planet have fun is spot on. Why not let these uber-athletes spread their wings?

Heck, Watt was even showing off his field-goal skills Friday.

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