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Could a team of Miami Hurricanes win the Super Bowl?


Pride in many of the iconic Miami Hurricane teams over the past three decades is understandable. There were elements of dominance, culture and game-changing athleticism that shifted the college football landscape for years to come.

That being said, we're finding it hard to come up with a combination of players from "The U" who make the following statement from Colts wideout Andre Johnson plausible:

"If you put a team together and all of the (Miami) guys are in their prime, yes, I think you could (win a Super Bowl)," Johnson told WQAM-Miami.

While it's unclear what the parameters of this fantasy team would be, we could even spot Johnson an in-his-prime Vinny Testaverde and still be a little hesitant. (Jim Kelly is an obvious choice, but he is way out of Andre Johnson's era of 'Canes for the point of this post).

Obviously, the skill positions, the defensive backfield, and certain spots along the defensive line and linebacking core would be fantastic assuming we could include Warren Sapp, injury-free Jon Beason and Ray Lewis. Tight end would also be solid.

An offensive line of Chris Myers, Orlando Franklin, Ereck Flowers, Eric Winston and possibly Brandon Linder -- assuming some position flexibility -- would hold up fairly well, too.

Then again, we're stretching through many different eras now. To me, it seems like Johnson is referring more to his current NFL pals.

Would that be enough talent to negate what seems like a bit of a black hole at quarterback? Was Ken Dorsey simply misused during his NFL career?

Either way, this one will be fun to debate.

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