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Corey Liuget: Joey Bosa will repeat, improve on rookie campaign

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Corey Liuget

Defensive end, Los Angeles Chargers

Born: March 18, 1990

Experience: Six NFL seasons

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | June 2, 2017

We're still in San Diego and the move officially happens after June 16th. I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be a great and exciting new part of my life.

I'm going to miss the [lack of] traffic. There's no traffic in San Diego.

I'm going to miss the people, to be truthful. The people in San Diego have been good to me.

The main focus of OTAs is just for all of us to work on our skill and just get better. And finish football games, more importantly. To be disciplined and do the right things.

[Anthony Lynn] won two Super Bowls and he just has that type of mindset of be disciplined, do the right things and win some stinkin' football games. That's his mindset: Let's go win.

We need to compete at a high level. Every game we lost was by one possession. We need to turn those losses into wins.

Stop guys from scoring. We had turnovers. We got off the field on third down. We just can't allow teams to get in the end zone.

It's a part of the business. I miss coach Norv Turner for sure. I miss the heck out of coach [Mike] McCoy. I mean, that guy, I was with him the longest -- for four years. But this is a business. And going to a third head coach, I'm open and willing to listen and learn and just win a championship. That will fulfill my career.

If I win a championship, I could retire.

We're just going out there to play football. I'm not worried about [the capacity of the StubHub Center]. If it's five people, I don't care. I'm ready to play football. I don't care.

I can definitely say this year does feel different. We're doing more of Olympic-style lifting. We're doing things to take care of our bodies. We're doing stuff to help us last a little bit longer throughout the season and longevity. So I do feel like this year will be a lot better for us injury-wise.

Not at all. I watched [Joey Bosa] when he was at college and also heard of him. So, to see him come in and do what he did, it didn't shock me at all.

If [Bosa] did it once, I believe he can do it again -- and better. I believe he can do it better this time around.

So far, the best pass rusher I've played with] has been either [Joey Bosa or Shaun Phillips. Those two guys can definitely rush the passer.

Right now, the toughest [offensive lineman] I've faced is K.O. up in Oakland. Kelechi [Osemele]. [The Raiders] work as a group, so it's pretty tough to get a good pass rush on 'em on the inside because everyone works together.

My diet is pretty strict. I try to stay away from red meat throughout the week. I eat freely pretty much, but not too many starches and pasta because now I've learned how to eat and do better. I stay away from heavy foods, so I can stay light throughout the season.

If I could play another seven years, I'll be happy.

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