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Consumer Electronics Show hosts latest devices for head injuries

With the Consumer Electronics Show going on this week, football/health technology continues to grab headlines inside and outside the Las Vegas event:

  • USA Today featured the military-tested Linx IAS device, which was debuted at the Las Vegas show.
  • Also there, Verge looked at the The Blast Gauge System, which was developed by BlackBox Biometrics, as well as the Linx system.
  • WRLN-FM in Miami reported on the NFL-backed research at the University of Miami, where scientists have created a device called the I-Port al to detect concussions through eyesight.
  • Investor Ideas wrote about the Mariucci BodiTrak, which will help to diagnose concussions at youth football games where a doctor is not always present. It will be used by LSU during the Tigers' spring practices.
  • And Fanatix reported on the Xpatch, a concussion device that adheres to the skin behind the ear to detect concussions.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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