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Colin Kaepernick draws Superman comparison

While vanquishing the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs last January, Colin Kaepernick mocked Cam Newton's Superman celebration. After posting the fifth-highest passer rating of his career in a season-opening victory, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback is now drawing comparisons to the Man of Steel.

Utilizing his trademark escapability, Kaepernick uncorked strong throws on back-to-back plays on the 49ers' first drive Sunday.

"The two plays early in the game where he stepped up, defender coming at him, stopped in his tracks and basically made a wrist-throw, a 30-, 40-yard laser to Anquan Boldin who ran an exceptional route and added good yards after the catch," coach Jim Harbaugh said Monday, via the team's official website. "And then, the very next play, he steps up, kicks out of a would-be tackler, running to the dead right, wrist-throws a BB to Vernon Davis in the end zone for a touchdown.

"I mean, in my estimation there's only two people that could make those two plays: One is Colin Kaepernick and the other has an 'S' on his chest."

Harbaugh characterized Kaepernick's performance as "fabulous," smirking at the bum rap that his quarterback doesn't go through progressions before throwing the ball.

"There's been a lot of talk, been a lot of rhetoric, been a lot of opinion," Harbaugh added. "Some people like you, some don't. But the way Colin Kaepernick competes, the way he plays, is A-plus."

Kaepernick might not be a pure pocket passer, but that hasn't stopped him from leading his team to the conference championship game in back-to-back seasons. Since the middle of last season, he's been one of the NFL's premier quarterbacks.

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