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Clowney plans to report after third preseason game

Jadeveon Clowney could report to the Houston Texans earlier than initially speculated.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported on Inside Training Camp Live Monday that the pass rusher tentatively plans to report after the team's third preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys (Aug. 24).

"From what I understand, the tentative plan is to show up after the third preseason game -- they play the Cowboys in late August," Rapoport said. "That is my understanding of when Clowney is planning to show up. (He) wouldn't play in the fourth preseason game. Would get a week to make sure he's alright. And I am told he's in great shape. And the Texans don't have any worries there."

The Texans placed the franchise tag on Clowney this offseason. After sides couldn't come to an agreement on a long-term deal by the July 15 deadline, the 26-year-old will play on the one-year, $15.97 million tender.

It'd been believed that Clowney would report before the start of the Texans season opener on Sept. 9 and wasn't expected to miss any game checks. Rapoport's report pushes the possible date up slightly.

Despite Clowney staying away from the start of Texans training camp, it sounds as though both sides are comfortable playing out the 2019 campaign.

"It sounds to me like they are both going to use each other for good," Rapoport said. "Clowney is going to show up and ball. The Texans are going to get one year out of it, and then probably get a comp pick (if he signs elsewhere in free agency). Seems like both sides could benefit."

Clowney would be a free agent in March 2020, assuming the Texans don't use the franchise tag on him again.

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