Christian McCaffrey aims to be 'way stronger' in 2019

Surely by now you've seen the picture floating around social media. The one with Christian McCaffrey hulking out of his shirt so hard during an offseason workout that his biceps look like they might burst.

This one:

The Carolina Panthers' running back has spent his offseason focusing on two things: getting stronger and faster.

"I'm way stronger than I was last year," McCaffrey said, via ESPN's David Newton. "The faster I can get, the better as well. You can always get bigger, faster, stronger. I don't have any choice. I have to."

After seeing CMC's biceps, it's obvious he's more jacked than last season when he went for 1,098 rushing yards and 867 receiving yards.

McCaffrey detailed his offseason workouts to ESPN, which obviously have paid off in the bulk department. The running back's main goal, however, is to be faster in 2019.

"To me, speed kills," McCaffrey said. "And the league is changing now, especially at the running back position, to where the faster you are, the more dynamic you are, not only with the ball in your hands, but running routes and being able to break tackles. That all has to do with speed.

"My position is a running back. So, the first part of my position is running. That means I need to run and be fast."

Already a dual-threat force, McCaffrey said he believes the added bulk and speed will help him run between the tackles more effectively this season, where he can shed tacklers and blow past linebackers.

This offseason the Panthers have stated they'd like to try to reduce CMC's workload after the RB played 91.3 percent of the team's offensive snaps last year. McCaffrey reiterated that he wants to play as much as possible, even if he doesn't touch the ball as much.

"I would definitely like the ball as much as possible," McCaffrey said. "That's something I feel can help us. That's why I train. That's why I take care of my body. If they need me to have 25 carries and eight catches a game, whatever they need me to do, I'm ready to go.

"Or if they need me to have eight carries and six catches but play the whole game and pass protect and help shifts on the D-ends, I'm ready to go."

His biceps are ready to go, too.

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