Chip: 'Shame on us' if Eagles miss playoffs with 11 wins

By definition no person or entity can control their own destiny -- regardless of how many times you hear sports broadcasters use the phrase.

At the moment the Philadelphia Eagles control neither their destiny nor their own potential path to the playoffs.

The Week 15 loss to the Dallas Cowboys puts Philly (9-5) in the backseat for the NFC East crown, and without many tiebreaks the Eagles could lose out on a wild-card spot even if they win their final two contests.

"Right now, we've only got nine wins," Kelly said Wednesday, per "I mean, for us to think of questions like that, that doesn't help us beat Washington. So I don't really think about it. If we win 11 games and it's not good enough to get in, shame on us because we didn't win the right games. That's the bottom line. That's what this whole deal is all about and we know it going in."

One of those wrong games was to the Cowboys, who can take the division by winning their final two games. But include the Cardinals, Seahawks and Packers to the list of harmful losses that could cause the premature end of the Eagles' season, even with double-digit victories.

Philly is just 2-4 against teams currently with winning records. Wrong games, indeed.

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