Chiefs' Tyreek Hill eager for matchup vs. Jalen Ramsey

Where Jalen Ramsey exists, trash talk materializes.

It usually starts in Ramsey's brain (or is it his heart, romantics?), then respiratory and muscular efforts converge at his lips, from which the words are spoken. He's tackled meetings with Odell Beckham Jr. and Rob Gronkowski, among others.

This week, it's the Kansas City Chiefs -- and Tyreek Hill.

Hill isn't bashful, either. As a matter of fact, he decided to fire the opening salvo.

"I'm always up for a challenge," Hill said, via ESPN. "The best always go against the best."

"He," of course, is Ramsey, the consensus top corner in the league after just two professional seasons. He is indeed that good, but the Chiefs pack their own punch that cannot go overlooked, with Hill existing as Kansas City's greatest threat. Through four games, Hill has 23 catches for 364 yards and three touchdowns on 32 targets.

"He think high of himself," Hill said of Ramsey. "He's all right, I guess. I can't wait to line up against him. I hope he presses me.

"He's a great player. To get my name out there more, I need to go up against more talent like him. I'm not calling Denver's] [Chris Harris or nobody else bad, but he's top dog right now, so I can't wait."

Hill wants to be pressed because he wants to test his mettle in releasing and running long, his best skill displayed in his own young career. Among receivers with 30 or more targets through four weeks, Hill ranks fifth in the league in air yards per target with 14.2, trailing John Brown, Julio Jones, Mike Evans and DeAndre Hopkins, per Next Gen Stats. To drive home that point: Air Yards are calculated from the line of scrimmage to the point the pass arrives at the receiver, meaning only four other receivers are receiving their targets deeper down the field on average.

All of the receivers ahead of him are considered to be just as dangerous in the deep passing game. None have faced Ramsey so far this season. If one needed one factoid to cement the contrast in styles, here it is: The Chiefs have averaged 4.5 offensive touchdowns per game this season, most in the NFL.

The Jaguars have allowed four offensive touchdowns this entire season.

"It's going to be fun," Hill said. "This is by far the best defense we have faced. ... We've got the best offense going against the best defense, the fastest offense against the fastest defense, so it's going to be crazy, plays made everywhere."

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