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Chiefs GM: Communication with Justin Houston is open

John Dorsey, general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs and owner of the most regularly-worn hoodless sweatshirt in the NFL, is keeping the lines of communication open with Justin Houston.

In fact, he's reached out to reps from Houston's camp within the last week.

"If you're going to ask me if I've had conversation with his representatives, I have," Dorsey told The Kansas City Star this week. "I've had conversations with his representatives -- or we have -- in the last three days."

Kansas City has a little less than three months to play with in order to work out a long-term deal with their star pass rusher, who has had 48.5 sacks over his first four seasons, including 22 last year.

At the moment it seems highly unlikely that an ugly disaster scenario -- another team offering Houston a deal that the Chiefs would not match -- would occur. The pace of the talks, and the fact that they're still occuring, are a good sign that something gets done.

"We've said all along that Justin is a great football player, he really is," Dorsey said. "I foresee him not going anywhere in the future."

If that were to happen though, it would present the Chiefs with an interesting opportunity to save a boat load of money and walk away with a pair of first-round picks.

They'll just have to decide if re-signing a top five pass rusher is worth the haul.

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