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Charles Woodson not ruling out return in 2016

While Peyton Manning's body and play appear to be crumbling, Charles Woodson keeps chugging along at age 39.

Woodson, who had been briefly breathed as a Defensive Player of the Year candidate during his 18th season, won't rule out playing a 19th year at 40 years old.

"I guess I'm already there, pretty much," Woodson said in a conference call with Detroit reporters Wednesday, via ESPN. "Could I see myself going another year? Uhh, I guess I could. I mean, it's right there. It's not like it's five years away so it's right there. So yeah, I could see it.

"Will that happen? I'm not quite sure about that."

Woodson is tied for the lead in the NFL with five interceptions and has been Johnny-on-the-spot in the Raiders' secondary. He doesn't possess his youthful speed -- and often gets burned more than TV announcers point out -- but Woodson remains the most stable point of the Raiders' secondary.

Woodson's ability to play a rover position at his age is remarkable, especially when juxtaposed to Manning -- the man Woodson beat out for the Heisman Trophy all those years ago -- struggling to stay healthy in Denver. After all, this is supposed to be a young man's game:

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