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Cam Newton to have different TD celebration in 2016

Cam Newton is ditching the dab.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback told WFNZ Radio on Thursday morning he will bust out a new touchdown celebration in 2016.

"I have to put that aside," Newton said of the dab, via "I have time. I have until September to find out (a new celebration)."

We presume the TBD TD celebration will annoy the vocal minority on social media while simultaneously catching fire throughout pop culture society.

Newton helped make the dab a national phenomenon -- while simultaneously annoying opponents and keyboard-slamming ruffians.

We appreciate Newton moving on from a move that reached its saturation point months ago. As the ascending face of the NFL, he can start a new trend in 2016.

(Aside: To the "this is news?" clowns cluttering the comments section and Twitter, relax. It's June 9th. Not every post needs to be of Watergate-level importance.)

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