Cam Newton overcomes Saints, game official, ball boy

Why can't NFL officials just let Cam Newtonlive?

During the third quarter of Sunday's win over the Saints, Newton fired a touchdown pass to Ted Ginn Jr., then began his customary post-score tradition of handing the football to a Panthers fan in the crowd behind the end zone.

Newton accomplished his task, but not without a few unforeseen obstacles. Check it out:

First we have field judge Doug Rosenbaum, who refuses to hand Newton the ball. We assume that Rosenbaum is simply following league protocol, but, you know, c'mon Doug. It's not like Dean Blandino is going to fire his XBox controller at you as punishment.

Rosenbaum is a conformist. The ball boy is an agent of chaos. He attempts to keep the ball away from Newton as well, which lasts for about one second before Newton snatches the ball away with ease. C'mon, ball boy.

This isn't Newton's first awkward encounter with a game official this season. You may recall back in September, when Newton called out Ed Hochuli for telling the Panthers quarterback he wasn't "old enough" to get a roughing the passer call.

Stop fighting it. Just give in to the Cam Experience ... unless it involves banners. That was bogus.

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