Cam Newton on TD flip: 'My heart was in my socks'

SuperCam took flight Sunday afternoon in Charlotte and came down with a touchdown in the Carolina Panthers' 24-17 victory over the Houston Texans.

Cam Newton has made some jaw-dropping runs in his career, but Sunday's touchdown to put the Panthers up 17-10 might earn the top score from the judges:

"I just know that my heart was in my socks," Newton said after the contest, via "When I was flipping, I was like, 'Hey, I don't know how this is going to end.' And then I'm coming down I was, 'I can stick this.' I didn't stick it. I've still got to get a high rating by the judge."

The game wasn't Newton's prettiest. He finished 18-of-37 passing for just 195 yards, two touchdown passes and an interception. But added 76 yards and the touchdown fly, which will earn points with his teammates.

"Yeah, I told him the Russian judge gave him a 3, but everybody else gave him a 10,'" tight end Greg Olsen said. "I guarantee the first thing he thought when he fell was he wished he'd stuck that landing, but that was pretty impressive."

After a 2-0 to start the season, the Panthers aren't worried about what it looks like, just that their Superman keeps soaring for wins.

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