C.J. Spiller: 'I know I'm a great player'

In a mad scramble to add depth to their running back depth chart, the Jets signed and cut Knile Davis before snagging 2012 Pro Bowl running back C.J. Spiller.

And for those cautious of the now 29-year-old running back -- he has 121 rushing yards over the last two seasons -- Spiller has a message.

"I know I'm a great player," Spiller told NJ.com's Darryl Slater Wednesday. "I know I can play in this league. My confidence is not down, so I'm excited about the opportunity that I have here."

He added: "The only thing you can do, though, is just go out and just work. I think my man Marshawn (Lynch) said it best: 'Talking never solves anything. It's just all about going out there and being about that action, boss.'"

The signing was an interesting one for the Jets, who would probably like to take some of the pressure off a heavily-utilized Matt Forte and a woefully under-utilized Bilal Powell. Should the Jets beat the Miami Dolphins in Florida this weekend, they ride into a home game against the L.A. Rams on a three-game winning streak with the potential to glide into their Week 11 bye at .500.

While a third-string running back doesn't seem significant, the Jets' offense is buoyed by the running game. This has been especially true after the loss of second wide receiver Eric Decker. Spiller's renaissance might never again come in the form of an epic 169-yard game like he put up back in September of 2012, but the Jets don't necessarily need that now. They don't need great. They just need something better than the injured player the Saints let go of a few months ago.

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