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C.J. Anderson talks football idols and Denver's Super Bowl win

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C.J. Anderson

Running back, Denver Broncos

Born: Feb. 10, 1991

Experience: Three NFL seasons

Interview by Brooke Cersosimo | Feb. 12, 2016

Coaches weren't as tight, players weren't as tight. There wasn't as much emphasis on we need to do this and this, but more go out there and play football. Do what we do best. Two years ago, there weren't many players and coaches who went to a Super Bowl before that.

This year we had a lot more experience. The preparation and the move was a lot easier.

Try to establish the run early, get myself going. When we had spots in the run game, make 'em pay. As far as throwing the ball goes, if we could've kept Peyton clean -- we definitely could've kept him cleaner -- we got a chance.

Game was over. I knew it was over and we were champs. Three minutes left. There's no way our defense was giving up 14 points in three minutes. No way.

My mom. I remember walking around, and there was a bunch of media out there trying to get in my face and asking me how I feel. For eight minutes, I was walking around screaming, "Where's my momma at?!"

Speechless. It's a dream come true. I've watched so many athletes, watching the Super Bowls, go up there and hold up the Lombardi and kiss it. The opportunity that I got to do that was so amazing.

I'm goofy in the locker room. One thing I always try to do because Peyton is so serious is make him laugh before we walk out. I'm successful more than not.

We're the same age and do a lot of the same things. Me and Ronnie [Hillman] are super cool and help each other out on the field. That helped us win a championship.

Thomas Davis hits hard.

Our whole thing is, no matter who's out there, the ball is put down on Sunday. When that whistle blows, you gotta play no matter who it is.

I took from everybody's game -- Marshall, LT, Barry, Emmitt. You just try to take a couple things from everybody and mix it into yours.

You want to have a Hall of Fame career. At the end of the day when you walk away from the game, you want people to say he was one of the best backs of all time. That's a goal of mine, to be named with the Marshalls and LTs and Walter Paytons and Emmitt Smiths and Marcus Allens.

It would only be right to say No. 1. But if I had to go through, top five for sure. I like AP, I like Le'Veon. Uh, man this is tough. Doug Martin had a good year, but that's a good year. So just those two right now.

Just a guy who loved the game and played it the right way.

[Gary Kubiak] is a chill dude, a player's coach, for sure. He listens to us players and takes a lot off you. He keeps it relaxed, but he demands work. You can bring your personality but he demands work.

Best defense of all time. I didn't get to see the '85 Bears because I wasn't born. But I've seen the 2000 Ravens and a bunch of Patriot defenses that were dominant. The 2002 Bucs were really good, but from up front to linebackers to the back end, we were dominant.

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