Burleson: Lynch rejuvenated after running tank empty

From a bird's eye view, some former NFL players could tell Marshawn Lynch was running out of gas.

"Here's the thing. I was looking at Marshawn in Seattle. As a football player, I don't know Marshawn personally, but I thought his tank was empty," Nate Burleson said Monday on Good Morning Football. "I didn't think it had a lot to do with football. I thought it was a combination of him being banged up and the relationship running its course in Seattle. I don't know if it was between him and the head coach, him and the front office, him and other players.

"I just thought to myself, looking at him on the sideline, 'Marshawn's not in it. Doesn't want to be here. He's checked out. His tank is empty. He's gonna fill it up with something else and life is gonna come and fill it up.'"

But now?

"I feel like he's been rejuvenated," Burleson continued, "He's had a chance to heal up. If he does come back, and Seattle, I guess you would say, allows this to happen, you will see the Marshawn that we saw three years ago. You will see Marshawn run as hard as he's ever ran. Now maybe he only has one year left, maybe he has two years left. But I believe, after a year off, Marshawn can come back and he will be a Pro Bowl running back without a doubt in my mind."

As we continue down this path, how other people see the end of the Lynch tenure in Seattle may matter. Namely, those from the Oakland Raiders. While Lynch's agent even admitted that his client can "shift by the hour" the Raiders will need to decide if he is ready to carry the load with no legal way of dealing with Lynch directly. Seattle still owns Lynch's playing rights and, as NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported a few weeks back, had no intention of giving him away for free last year when teams started sniffing around.

By all accounts, the prospect of playing for his hometown team while they remain in his hometown has rejuvenated the artist formerly known as "Beast Mode." For now, all of us are like Burleson in that we are left working off old tape. What kind of player would the Raiders see if they made a move? How long can they wait to replace Latavius Murray if they're not sure?

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