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Buffalo residents can make money shoveling the Ralph

Do you live in the Buffalo-area, have no pressing social commitments on Saturday and want to lend a hand to your favorite underachieving professional football team?

You're. In. Luck.

The Buffalo Bills are asking area residents if they would like to shovel snow inside Ralph Wilson Stadium ahead of the team's regular-season finale against the New York Jets on Sunday.

"Shovelers can snow shovel throughout the day on Saturday and into the night into Sunday if needed," a Bills press release reads. "Rate of pay is $10 per hour. The Bills will provide warm lunch and dinner breaks."

In case you were wondering, the Bills are competitively pricing the gig. The Packers offered the same amount to Green Bay residents who wanted to shovel out Lambeau Field this week. Throw in a free lunch, and this could be sneaky fun.

My biggest question is what kind of checks and balances are in place to ensure there are no freeloaders in the mix. Because you know there are people -- like, for instance, your idiot cousin Terry -- who could walk in the Ralph with a shovel, a case of LaBatts and the bright idea to sit in the top row of the upper deck for 14 hours and get paid for it.

Let's call this hypothetical rip-off of the Bills a Full Mario. As in, "Hey, I'm going to the stadium with my shovel this morning, but my real intention is to go Full Mario."

Don't go Full Mario. You never go Full Mario.

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