Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley: We need a foundation

Bills general manager Doug Whaley thinks the Bills could be just one player away from a playoff run. But he thinks they're a few more players away from sustained success.

According to the Buffalo News, Whaley's comments came in an effort to clarify some recent remarks. Whaley recently said the team is both "close" and that they will have to "build from the foundation up." In the often unclear world of football parlance, these statements seemed to contradict one another.

"Here's what I said: 'We want to build a foundation (so) that we consistently compete,'" Whaley said Tuesday. "And I meant to say it as in, 'We're not one player away from getting over the hump.' We might be one player from getting from 7-9 to 10-6 and making the playoffs, but we want to have a foundation.

"We think we have some good players with a foundation, but we want to build it on that foundation so we can have prolonged success. So we're close, but we want to do it the right way -- to have some young guys and guys that we can build to have for five to 10 years and make that run. So that, hopefully, clarifies it."

It's not an easy road for Whaley right now, who does not have a ton of equity built up with the Bills' fan base. While the Bills seem talented, watching them go 10-6 next season in the AFC East with the Dolphins rising is hard to imagine at the moment. An eventful offseason could change our minds, but that would either involve a heavy personnel commitment to Tyrod Taylor or a home run acquisition at quarterback.

The real hope here is that new head coach Sean McDermott can better utilize the personnel available than Rex Ryan. Because if the results are the same, the head coach won't be the only one suffering the consequences.

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