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Bucs' Licht considers Winston's off-field incidents

It seems the gravity of the situation is finally hitting Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht.

Sitting atop the 2015 NFL Draft, he has a chance to take a player -- Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston -- that was almost flawless over the weekend at the combine. Watching him throw in Indianapolis was a treat, and a polished, well-rehearsed performance in the interview room seemed to draw some rave reviews as well.

But Licht is smart enough to know that this is such a small percentage of the equation. There are health questions. There are questions surrounding maturity that often don't manifest themselves until a player is already drafted.

"I'd be lying if I said I don't spend a lot of time thinking about the off-field stuff," Licht told The MMQB this week. "This decision is going to affect so many people and their families. We've got to get it right."

While so many have gone on to say that Licht's position is unenviable, Licht said it was an honor. If it works out, of course, and Winston lives up to the on-field Ben Roethlisberger comparisons, it absolutely will be.

If Winston runs into any off-field trouble again, Licht will be staking his reputation on the all-out fact-finding mission his team is currently working on.

As we noted in a piece back in January, general managers are more hesitant to attach their name to a first or second-round quarterback, especially now that their employment tenures are mirroring those of head coaches.

There is no margin for error, which is why the "off-field stuff" will be keeping Licht up at night for some time.

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