Buccaneers unveil first look at Tom Brady in uniform

It's no secret that closed mouths don't get fed. Consider Tuesday's grand unveiling by the Buccaneers as yet another example of that.

Less than 24 hours after Tom Brady *politely* put in a request to his new employer, Tampa Bay quickly answered its new franchise QB's call to release the first look at Brady in every iteration of the Bucs' uniform.

Although the pictures weren't taken in the midst of a potential game-winning drive, the 41-photo gallery gives fans more than enough shots to hold themselves over with until the season begins. Up until now, only photoshopped looks of the six-time Super Bowl champion in his new threads were available to gaze upon; Tuesday's announcement makes the unreal free agency signing feel more rooted in reality.

Since 1996, Brady has only worn the maize and blue at Michigan and various jerseys exhibiting the four-color palette of the Patriots. For the first time in over two decades, Brady will take the field covered in a completely new coat of paint.

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