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Buccaneers turn back to Jameis Winston as starting QB

Dirk Koetter continues to spin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' quarterback merry-go-round.

Jameis Winston will return to starting duties for the Bucs in Week 12 against the San Francisco 49ers, the team announced.

The move is no surprise after Ryan Fitzpatrick tossed three more interceptions in Sunday's loss to the New York Giants. Since re-entering the starting lineup to replace Winston, Fitzpatrick has thrown seven interceptions and lost a fumble in three games.

Winston replaced Fitztragic in the Week 11 loss, completing 12 of 16 passes for 199 yards, two touchdowns, and a late-heave interception. Koetter characterized Winston's play in relief as "fantastic" after the loss. Winston engineered four touchdown drives that helped the Bucs get back into what was a blowout affair in New York.

The move back to Winston won't alleviate all the turnover concerns in Tampa. In five games this season, including three starts, Winston has tossed eight touchdowns to 11 interceptions and one lost fumble.

Coaches yo-yoing quarterbacks rarely works out well, and that's certainly the case for Tampa, which has lost seven of its last eight games to fall to 3-7. The Bucs turn back to Winston to see if he can provide one last life raft to Koetter's sinking ship with an offseason of big decisions on the horizon.

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