Bryce Petty-led Jets fall to Rams in low-scoring affair

Without the services of starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets (3-7) dropped their second straight in a 9-6 loss to the Rams (4-5) at MetLife Stadium. Here's what we learned:

  1. Bryce Petty led the Jets' first 99-yard touchdown drive since 1995 on Sunday. It was a momentary shot in the arm for a team in quarterback limbo, though almost certainly not enough to earn him the job for the remainder of the season. The Jets allowed him to go deep on their own 1-yard line, leading to a 54-yard completion to Robby Anderson but coddled him from there on out. The Rams' defense almost instinctively flocked the quick outs and running back flares, forcing Petty out of his comfort zone. Like any rookie non-first-rounder making his first NFL start, there were moments where he was wracked with indecision despite a clean pocket and solid protection. There were moments when he flashed his arm strength and moments where he air-mailed wide open receivers. The ball is now in head coach Todd Bowles' court. Will he see enough to invest in Petty over the next several games assuming Ryan Fitzpatrick (knee) is healthy enough to go next week?
  1. The inside placement of Bryce Petty's game-ending throw to Quincy Enunwa likely earns him the blame. Some will say that Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree simply wanted it more and wrestled the ball away from the receiver, but given Enunwa's body positioning, he looked to be in an almost no leverage situation.
  1. While this will go overlooked given the dreadful pace of this game, the Rams' defense was fantastic on Sunday. Take away Matt Forte's long rush of 28 yards and this was a systematic shutdown in every way. Of course it was aided by the inexperience of a young quarterback, but teams jostling for position in a confounding NFC West (looking at you, Arizona), have to wonder how big of a roadblock this unit will be through the remainder of the season.
  1. The Darrelle Revis decline storyline felt very real for Jets fans on Sunday, especially in the first half. The Rams placed wideout Kenny Britt on the veteran corner early and essentially picked on the one-time shutdown artist throughout the opening 30 minutes. Britt was physically out-manning Revis on deeper routes and quick slants. On comeback routes -- the type we've seen Revis read and bat down a million times in the past -- he felt a step slow. While this isn't a stunning development (Revis also came back to life a bit in the second half) it does add some heft to the case for Revis as a safety. He remains one of the smartest and most well-prepared defensive players in football and the Jets need to find a more effective way to deploy him across the secondary.
  1. The restraints on Los Angeles' passing offense lead us to wonder why Jared Goff didn't see any snaps in Sunday's punt-fest. This was a plodding handoff, quick pass attack with one notable deep attempt to Kenny Britt in the second half that sailed out of bounds. Goff could do this at a similar level and log valuable game experience against a good defense at the same time. The Rams netted negative yardage in the red zone on Sunday and while the rationale would be that a rookie quarterback might try and do too much and throw an interception, is that a chance you're willing to take?
  1. Rams punter Johnny Hekker also deserves some credit for this one. A punt that traveled 78 yards in the air is an extreme weapon against a team like the Jets on Sunday. Visually, it might have been the play of the day in East Rutherford, New Jersey.
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