Browns texting investigation matters to Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer expects to get a shot at a starting quarterback gig in 2015. The question remains whether it will be back with the Cleveland Browns.

One of the top quarterbacks set to hit the open market, Hoyer said Saturday that the results of the investigation into the reported allegations of Browns general manager Ray Farmer texting his staff on the sideline during the game will affect on his ultimate decision.

"To read the stories and see what's going on, I'm just as interested as you guys are to see where that comes out," Hoyer said, per "Especially because, when you read it, it has to do with the quarterback situation and play-calling. That's something that could affect how I feel about (free agency). For me, I'm looking forward to see what comes out of that."

There is no fathomable way the results wouldn't matter to Hoyer or any other quarterback on the Browns' roster.

The investigation is personal to Hoyer because he'd like to know if his own performance was the main subject of those texts.

"If (the texts) had something that involved me, I'd like to be able to know what that was," the quarterback told ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike on Monday.

The situation underscores the dysfunction within the Browns' organization -- sadly not a new story for Cleveland fans, which sent offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan fleeing to Atlanta.

Cleveland likely offers Hoyer the best chance to reclaim a starting gig next season. However, if the results of any investigation show that Hoyer was overwhelmingly the subject of in-game criticisms, critiques and questions, he has every reason to reconsider re-upping with his hometown franchise.

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