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Browns have best chance to move up to No. 2 in draft

The Browns are once again involved in some pre-draft intrigue involving a big name quarterback prospect. Here's what we know at the moment:

Via NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, the Browns have the best chance of any team to move up to the No. 2 overall pick due to their multiple first-round picks -- numbers 12 and 19. Per Rapoport, they have indeed had conversations with the Tennessee Titans but have also spoken to several other teams in that area to gauge what the cost of moving up would be.

In addition, Rapoport noted via a source that any deal to Tennessee would involve both of Cleveland's first-round picks this year plus more.

At the moment, there are conflicting reports about whether a formal offer has been made to Tennessee. That sounds like semantics. Traditionally, no formal offer has been made until teams are on the clock. When Eli Manning was dealt to the Giants in 2004, no offer was made until there was seven minutes left on the Chargers' time slot.

The interesting part is that there have been significant discussions, and why wouldn't there be?

Browns general manager Ray Farmer wouldn't be doing his job as the general manager of a quarterback-needy team if he didn't talk to Titans GM Ruston Webster this week.

Those discussions almost certainly included the bones of a trade so that, if the team ends up deciding to pull the trigger, there isn't any wasted time with a running clock.

There also exists the real possibility that Marcus Mariota, apparently the apple of Farmer's eye, is taken with the No. 1 overall pick instead of Jameis Winston. The seismic move could throw any of these discussions out of whack and render them useless.

The moral of this story is that general managers always talk during draft week. They almost always talk numbers, too. It's what they're paid to do. But until any team is on the clock, everything else is just chatter.

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