Browns DE Myles Garrett on playing Patriots QB Mac Jones: 'Is he going to be an ankle grabber?'

Opposing quarterbacks are often on the lookout for high-profile pass rushers.

When the Cleveland Browns face the New England Patriots on Sunday, it appears the roles will to some extent be reversed.

Following much ado about Pats rookie quarterback Mac Jones twisting Carolina Panthers pass rusher Brian Burns in a Week 9 game, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett knows what to be prepared for come Sunday.

"Of course, I watched it," Garrett said Friday, via team transcript. "I will hold my comments on that one. Hopefully, it does not happen to me. I do not know. Is he going to turn into the ankle grabber? I do not know. We will see."

Garrett and the Browns are set to face Jones and the host Patriots in a pivotal AFC matchup pitting teams with identical 5-4 marks. Garrett brings a league-leading 12 sacks into the game. He's also bringing in an injured foot, but doesn't believe it will hold him back -- and is obviously hoping Jones won't hold him back, either.

"I am a little bit sore. I am good. Just kind of rolled my foot weird in the game -- I think at the end of the third [quarter]," said Garrett, who did not practice Wednesday and Thursday. "It was really out of an abundance of caution. I probably could have gone the last two days, but there was no point of fighting through pain to practice when I can get a good practice today and get in the playbook to know exactly what I am going to do and go out there fresh. I do not think I have any lingering effects."

While Garrett brings no injury designation despite having hurt his foot in a Week 9 win over the Bengals, Burns is questionable for Sunday against the Cardinals. Jones was strip-sacked by Burns. When Jones rolled over on the ground to see the play unfold, he grabbed Burns' leg, as the Panthers defender was attempting to get up to go after the fumble. Jones' leg lock has reportedly led to Burns' injury.

Garrett, who's trained with former UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in the past, will be wary of any Jones submission attempts on the ground.

"If I tackled a man or I sacked him and I let him grab me, honestly, that is on me," Garrett said. "I am not saying it is on Brian. He did not expect that. Now, we have all seen it. Now I know to get my behind up and get out of the way."

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